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Digital Scale Operation -- Ethernet Communication

Today's workplace demands a scale that can be integrated into a corporate network, send data to a printer, or transmit weight information to a PC across the ocean. Doran Scales meets that demand with a wide variety of data communications options and data collection software. To learn more about the data communication options that are available for Doran scales and digital weight indicators, download our Connectivity Bulletins that explain the data communication method, sample applications, and ordering instructions.

Over 30 years ago, Doran introduced the industry's first Stainless Steel Checkweigher. Today, Doran is blazing new territory with the new, exciting and powerful features of the Excel board found in the newest versions of Doran Scales. Once again, Doran is "changing the way we weigh" with the ethernet communications which is paving a way for many customers to accelerate their weighing applications. Doran's ethernet scale communication feature is growing in popularity among scale end users.

Ethernet is now available on all Doran Excel Series Indicators. Implementation of Doran’s Ethernet
option results in an efficient flow of information directly from the plant floor to any computer on your
network. Once installed, this option enables efficient acquisition of quality control data, production
monitoring and systems control. Leveraging your existing network hardware, allows for a cost effective data link to any PC on your network.
Doran’s Ethernet option seamlessly connects directly to your Ethernet network. This option is fully compliant with the 10/100Base-T Ethernet network standard, transferring data up to 100Mbps. Once the Doran Indicator is connected, you can collect data, remotely configure, or monitor the indicator from any computer on the network, or even make data available over a remote Internet connection.

Digital Weigh Scale with ethernet communications
Other Communications options available include:




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